Life Without An HVAC

With more than 7,500 daily record-high temperatures set just last month, we can expect a brutally hot summer this year. Can you imagine what your life would be like without an HVAC during these grueling months? You would likely lose your cool pretty quickly. Fortunately, there are some key steps you can take to stay warm or cool, depending on the time of the year, if you didn’t have an HVAC.

Rely On Fan Power

You must take advantage of fan power to stay cool without an HVAC. Using a portable fan or ceiling fan will not only help you survive, you will save significant money on your energy bill.

Open Selective Windows

You can strategically open windows so that the cooler evening air is blowing in throughout the night. You should also leave interior doors, including closet and kitchen doors, open. If they are left closed, they will store daytime heat.

Turn Off Heat Sources

It is very important that you turn off all major heat sources throughout your home to stay cool without an HVAC. Avoid using the stove or oven to eat. Also, keep your TV and computer off as much as possible. If your home relies on incandescent light bulbs, switch to compact fluorescents.

Drink Plenty Of Water

You have to take care of your body from the inside to remain cool without an HVAC. Try drinking 8 ounces of water every hour. Your body will feel much cooler if you’re adequately hydrated.

Plant Leafy Trees

If you can, plant some leafy trees well before the grueling summer months in order to survive without an HVAC. Leafy trees will provide much needed shade to your home or yard, which will keep things considerably cooler.

Dress In Layers

Make sure that your entire family is dressed in several layers in order to survive the harsh winter months without heat. This will help trap in body heat.

Use Extra Blankets

In addition to wearing several layers of clothing, use extra blankets to stay warm during the winter when you do not have an HVAC. Make sure that your home is stocked with enough blankets well before the winter months.

Stay Active In Your Home

Consider exercising in your home or cleaning it in order to stay active, which will help you stay warm during the cold winter days. Create a small home gym to take advantage of during the winter. Not only will this keep you warm, it will help you stay in shape.

Use A Humidifier

Add a humidifier to your home to survive the winter without an HVAC. The humid air will feel warm and comfortable during cold days.

Life does not have to be impossible without an HVAC. By following these tips, you will save money and stay comfortable.


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