HVAC Theft And How To Protect Yourself

HVAC Theft And How To Protect Yourself

Copper theft from HVAC units has become a serious problem in the United States that occurs on a daily basis. The Department of Energy has estimated that an astounding $1 billion in theft occur each year. Some studies have reported an increase of 57 percent over the last year as the economy has continued to struggle. HVAC systems in businesses and homes are being targeted by thieves. The market value of copper has increased as much as 400 percent since 2000, which makes the metal an especially popular choice among thieves looking to make easy money. Home and business owners should take proactive steps to ensure that their HVAC units are adequately safeguarded. There are several options available to them.

HVAC Alarm Protection

There are protective HVAC kits you can select from to guard your unit against theft. These kits generally work by weaving a wire through the condenser of your HVAC unit. The wire is ran through a resistor and if the wire is cut, your home or business alarm system will go off. Kits can also include advanced sensors that can cause the alarm to sound if the unit is moved at all. Integrate your HVAC unit with your home or business security system to protect it from theft. You should also consider adding surveillance cameras that keep a watch over your units.

Protective Cages

Since the price of copper is at an all time high, it is in your best interest to shop around for protective HVAC cages. Cages are available in all different sizes and so it will be easy for you to find one that meets your needs. You should select one that is made from high-quality steel so that it is durable. Not only do protective HVAC cages protect your units from theft, they provide protection against hurricanes and other severe weather conditions.

HVAC Fence

Integrating your HVAC unit with your alarm system or purchasing a quality steel cage can be expensive. At the very least, you should reduce the visibility of your unit by using a small fence or even shrubbery. It is important that you maintain enough space for general maintenance and service if you choose to use a fence.

Copper is a hot commodity right now that attracts thieves. Be proactive and implement these protective measures to provide protection to your system. You will be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your expensive units are safe.

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