Tips for Keeping Cool in the Hot Summer Sun

Tips for Keeping Cool in the Hot Summer Sun

We all know what the summer months mean; grueling heat, sweat, fun, and all around raised body temperatures. Who doesn’t enjoy the cool activities involved with summer? Swimming in the pool, running through the sprinkler, water slides, and everyone’s best friend; air conditioning. Well here are just a few more tips to keep your body cool and enjoy the heat just a little bit more.
When wanting to keep cool from the heat, do what you can to prevent overheating. Be sure to wear light colored, loose fitting clothing. When doing so, you’re not attracting the UV rays as if wearing darker colors. Also, always take advantage of shaded areas and limit the time you’re outside. When taking a break from all the fun activities of being outside, be sure to seek an air conditioned house, building, or car for a quick cool down.

Of course when exposing yourself to the heat, as well as in everyday life, make sure to hydrate! The human body is made up of more than 60% water, so why not replenish? The average amount of water that should be consumed on a daily basis is at least 8 glasses. However, when you’re outside in the extreme heat and sweating constantly, it is important to replace the water being lost to the summer. With the consumption of the all important H2O, you will be helping to maintain body temperature to keep you cooler.

Another way of making sure to stay cool is your diet. Be sure to stray away from hot and heavy foods. Foods such as fresh fruit, salads, seafood, and fresh vegetables will keep you from over-stuffing and are rich in vitamins while containing water to assist in hydration. Avoid fatty foods such as proteins. These foods cause water-loss and will cause your body to work harder in the digestion process.

Take advantage of a pool, be it yours, a friend or family member’s or the public pool. There’s also always the local water park, or even your garden hose. Playing or even sitting in the water will drastically cool your body and make the heat that much more bearable. The summer time is also time for all the amusement parks to open. So, pack up the family, some fruits and veggies, tons of water, and enjoy the sun while hydrating and staying cool in the water.

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