Years ago, the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service at Louisiana State University teamed up with Gulf States Power to identify what benefits if any were provided by an air conditioning tune-up. A series of homes were heavily instrumented, data was collected over time, tune-ups were performed, and data was collected again. The results of this landmark study were staggering. The researchers found that tune-ups saved energy and restored lost capacity.

How much?

The researchers concluded that:

Air conditioning maintenance benefits the consumer by lowering his operating costs, increasing his comfort control capacity, and is believed to extend equipment life.

But do homeowners need a tune-up every year? To answer that question, researchers repeated the study a year later, using the same homes from the prior year. They found that 78% of the savings were present. In other words, one year of operation takes a toll on an air conditioner. It may still function adequately, but not nearly as efficiently as it should.

Average monthly savings from a tune-up after one year of operation ......................................... $25.60

Granted, these studies were performed years ago. That does not lessen their validity. They continue to be referenced because no one has funded additional research into the residential market. If anything, the studies understate the savings potential from a tune-up. In addition, today's air conditioners with greater efficiency levels, are more likely to need maintenance, due to changes in coil design (thinner fins, more surface area, thinner tubing, rifled tubing, etc), changes in refrigerants, and so on. For Homeowners, the bottom line is that given the low cost of a tune-up and the energy savings and restored capacity ...

Tune-Ups will pay for themselves!!!


There are some things about me that you may not realize. For starters, I do much more for you than your car, and I get much less attention. 0 Because we live in Washington State, I run approximately 3,000 hours per year. If your car ran this much, it would travel over 150,000 miles in that same amount of time. If your car ran 150,000 miles you would have bought him 30 oil changes, new brakes, several sets of tires, wiper blades etc. In fact you would have spent well over $5,000 maintaining him!! I travel that far and all I need is a couple hundred dollars a year to protect you (if even that)!

You spend 60-70% of your time in my care and only 5- 10% of your time in the care of your vehicle. What you may not realize is that if well maintained, I can take great care of you and your family.

If Maintained with yearly tune ups, your furnace can and will:

If Neglected, your furnace can and will:

Fellows are very courteous and get right to work, never had any problems. It is always a pleasant experience.

-Ruth M.

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