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Cascade Natural Gas Conservation Incentive Program

Existing & New Homes Incentives

We are a Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally and we have PTCS certified technicians. We help you process rebates for qualifying equipment installs or services.

High-Efficiency Natural Gas Furnace
95% + AFUE

High-Efficiency Natural Gas Hearth (Fireplace)
70% + FE (Fireplace Efficiency) & 80% + AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)
$150 & $250 

High-Efficiency Combination Domestic Hot Water and Hydronic Space Heating System using pre-approved Tankless Water Heater
90% + AFUE

Condensing High-Efficiency Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater
0.91 + EF

Conventional High-Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater
0.67 + EF

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Pacific Power Incentives for Heating & Cooling

We are also a Pacific Power Trade Ally. The following rebates are available on qualifying equipment and services: 

Central Air Conditioners
Get up to $50 cash back 

Heat Pumps
Get up to $1,250 cash back

Ductless Heat Pumps
Get up to $1,000 cash back 

Smart Thermostats
Get up to $50 cash back 

Whole Home Upgrade
Get $1,000 cash back 

Duct Sealing & Duct Insulation
Get up to $600 cash back 

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Click Here for Manufactured Homes Incentives

Click Here for Heat Pump Water Heater Incentives

This is a great opportunity to save money when you upgrade your system, plus save money each month on your utility bills. Contact us for more information on necessary qualifications and requirements.

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