Making Your Home Holiday Ready

Preparing your home for holiday guests can become a very tedious task. There is this need to create the perfect atmosphere in order for each person to enjoy their visit. That includes creating wonderful dishes and decorating the house with all the bells and whistles.

When getting things ready you must not forget that being a good host or hostess must go beyond just your taste buds and what you can see. The air your guest will breathe in is also an important detail to remember. By getting your air vents cleaned before your holiday party you will be giving your guest the gift of fresh clean air.

According to the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), there is over 40 pounds of dust accumulated in your vents annually. Your air system takes air in and breathes air out to the rest of your home. Without a proper cleaning of the vents and ductwork it could cause air quality issues including an increase in allergy and breathing issues.

All of the added up dirt and grime within a home’s ventilation system is circulated 5 to 7 times daily. Meaning no matter how hard you clean the areas in your home, the air being dispersed could put allergens and dirt right back where they started. This could cause individuals with respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders or some environmental allergies issues while breathing.

To ensure your home is holiday ready, be sure to have your ducts and ventilation cleaned before your guests arrive. Every detail must be perfect, all the way down to the air they breathe.


Excellent job from time of Install to every maintenance done. Very good crew and that is hard to find. Keep them!

-John S.

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